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Choose your Design, Whatsapp or email us to discuss your requirements, we will email a quotation to you for approval, simple as that, no mess no fuss prices incl. VAT excl. Delivery

At B Seated Furniture Manufacturers we want every Client to walk away as a happy Client. Therefore, our pricing is competitive for the quality that you are going to receive. Please also remember to compare Apples with Apples as the saying goes, because there are more lemons out there than one realises.

We have several options available to our customers. You can customise the dimensions of your furniture to fit the space in your room, i.e., make your sofa longer than standard, and your seating deeper and comfier. We can add tufting and nail-heads, also provide different finishes, fabrics, leathers, steel legs & frames to timber legs, firmer foam too soft and plush. We also offer Different finishes dependent on the environment our Furniture is going to be utilised in, Residential, Corporate, Hospitality to Retail Store Public Seating.

Customising is a little extra because of the additional materials we need to purchase. We will always arrive at a price that is within our Clients budget.

All our frames are solid timber. All our furniture is made at our factory my hand. Our factory has over a hundred years of combined experience. All our finishes are non-toxic, and our products are industry certified. All frames are glued, screwed and biscuits or dowel sticks utilised for maximum strength.

We do provide delivery services, and the cost is dependent on location and the size of your purchase. We call all our customers and arrange a delivery time which is convenient for them, as well as furnish them with our Courier Companies details to assist with whats best for them. We do tell all our customers that custom orders require a time frame of six to eight weeks, however our usual delivery time frames are between 4 - 6 weeks. If the order is going to take longer then the customer is notified immediately.

We are a family business, and we like to make all our Clients feel as if they are part of our family. We welcome them with the best Customer Service. We provide the best quality at the right price. We ensure that every experience is a win-win situation. We will never skimp on our Raw Materials, which include our frame timber, foam densities, fabrics & leathers and you as our Client will always be welcome to pop in and see your actual master piece being manufactured. And lastly, you will be contacted each week at least once, to update you as to where we are in the process for peace of mind.

There are various qualities of foam that gets used in the manufacturings process, from the arms to the back, sides and as we all know, the seat cushions. There is one BIG tell tail sign if you are getting ACTUAL HIGH DENSITY FOAM in your Sofa and not APG All Purpose Grade Foam, and the question to the answer is simple. Did you buy it at a Retail Store or not?

Always remember, Retailers only have to give you a 1 Year Warranty on all items bought from them, some even give you just 6 months because the Consumer Protection Act stipulates that thus Retailers only have to make sure their furniture lasts for that period of time. Now where we are concerned, we don't manufacture for Retail Stores EVER, we manufacture for the Group Store Divisions, Corporates, Hospitality and Residential and the reason for mentioning this is the fact that the average cycle of furniture here gets changed minimum every 5 years and upwards to 10 Years thus retail quality Foam will NEVER LAST THIS LONG EVER!!!

If you doubt this fact or a Salesman tells you otherwise, buy from a Retailer where essentially what you see is what you get and don't get, wait 1 to 6 months, call us.

There are various types of Leathers used in the Furniture Manufacturing Industry and each has its application dependent on where your Furniture is going to be used. Corporate, Hospitality and Group Stores have several thousand people a month walking through their Spaces compared to a few walking through your home spaces, so one does not need / require high traffic Leathers to be used in Residential Projects. Having said that, we at B Seated will NEVER use substandard or lesser quality Leathers under any circumstances in any of our Projects irrespective who our Client is.

Buy Cheap, Spend twice!!!!

for a greater understanding of the various Leather Qualities, check out Leather Quality Explained

We manufacture in two qualities, which will always be explained to you upon our first discussion, a 1 Year Warranty Quality and a 5 Year Warranty Quality. For the usual Terms & Conditions Click here.

Now the Nitty Gritty about Warranties and or Guarantees. You will constantly be told or read "Lifetime on Frames", let's be clear here, we will not live that long and quite frankly it is an old Selling Tactic for peace of mind thats bordering on cliche. We don't know what goes on in your home, your office, your hotel or retail shop, ok we do know because we have seen our furniture being used as trampolines by both kids and parents alike, but the fact is if you abuse your furniture it will not last, certainly not a lifetime, and we have been around long enough to know if it was us or you at fault. We 100% Guarantee our workmanship against Natural Wear & Tear but beyond that, beyond your lifetime and ours, NO.

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