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Your space is where you share the story of who you are, your home, your business, your successes. So our furniture helps you do that – with lots of ways to show off the things you’ve done and the places you’ve been. And plenty of comfortable seating – because sharing it all with your favourite people is the best part.

Our Journey

The origins of our company, go back 24 years and it all started as a small workshop business run by a Husband and Wife team manufacturing furniture for the Residential Sector as well as Upholstery repair work for both Corporate Companies & Residential. This small venture has continued to expand at a steady pace ever since, whereby now the Son has joined to expand on the Residential, Corporate and Hospitality Sectors. The combined industry experience is vast with the Father Lionel being in the industry since 1964, the Mother Norma since the 1980’s and the son Brian since 1996.


Since its inception, our company has always adopted the philosophy to offer only the best quality products without breaking the bank. We feel very proud that this philosophy has proved the company right as we consider ourselves to be a leading manufacturer in South Africa. Over the years we have developed high quality products which have taken our respective market by storm.

Innovation has been a continual focus of our Company. Since our establishment, we have concentrated on unique designs to distinguish our products from those of others, and especially when it comes to the quality of the raw materials we use as from the ground up we have specific qualities of foam manufactured exclusively for us thus ensuring levels of comfort are unique to each Clients specific requirements and application. Further to this, our frame construction is made from solid timber, glued and screwed with custom support on each arm, back and sides.

Our company considers the unique demands of various environments our Customers both live, work & play in, when developing our furniture products. We are part of "The Collective", a group of Manufacturing Powerhouses, which equates to being able to offer High Quality Steel finishes and Phenomenal Carpentry Work for the Corporate, Retail, Hospitality, Residential Sectors. We leave no stone unturned to produce first class quality products and we adopt a very strict quality control policy throughout all production process.

The bseatedincomfort Experience

"Shape your future around the comfortability of our furniture"

Our products are highly sought after by architects, interior designers and decorators, and are utilised by restaurants, corporates, retail giants and private clients alike. With over 70 years of Manufacturing experience, we have an unyielding passion for quality, exceptional design, impeccable craftsmanship and enduring value.


We NEVER compromise on the raw materials we use throughout our furniture, only the best will do, and we don't want you to settle for anything less. We use fabric from the best Suppliers, the best Solid Timber in our frames, Foam quality other manufacturers can only dream about. Once again, WHY SETTLE for less?


Buying new Furniture can be a daunting task for some, thus we make absolutely sure that you receive the best possible advice when looking for your new furniture, thus we are always on hand to explain exactly what you can expect, be it from the materials that will be used, to various comfort levels offered to fabric qualities and more.

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